What I love about selling real estate in Florida

Florida is my home! It’s where my husband and myself grew up. He grew up in small town that is known for the rodeo and I grew up in town that is known for it’s beach and race track. The sunshine state has a lot to offer, for both residents and vacationers. Not too long ago a non-native resident said to me, “I moved to Florida to live and vacation at the same time”. I thought that was a fantastic statement, and summed up nicely how I felt about my home State.

Selling homes in Florida, is like offering a child a ticket to buy anything they wanted in a candy store, just to find out that the child’s father owned the candy store. The child has no reason to just take a piece of candy, when they could have anything they wanted in store. My analogy may be a bit overzealous, but you get the point! If you own a home in Florida, you’ve opened yourself up to a trove full of treasure!

I love to travel and explore the Sunshine State, and helping my buyers find a home where they can work, play and even vacation gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

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